April 2005

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Spybot - Search & Destroy for Spyware Protection

By Howard Berenbon

Now, with all the spyware floating around the Internet, everyone needs some type of software to check and remove those intrusive and nasty programs from our Windows-based systems.  Besides slowing down our computers, they have no right to be there.  One of the best programs available to remove spyware is the freeware Spybot - Search & Destroy from Patrick M. Kolla and Safe Networking Limited ( spybot.info/en/home/index.html donations are appreciated at spybot.info/en/donations/index.html).  It's available from your favorite shareware and freeware download sites, or direct from the Safe Networking Limited link above.

Once you download and install this program, you'll wonder why you ever lived without it, because it works like a charm.  You'll need a fast connection for download because it's over 2 megabytes, but once installed, it will clean your computer to perfection.  And even if you do safe surfing (to sites you know well) you'll be surprised how many spyware applications are lurking in your machine.  Using browsers like Mosilla Firefox can help protect your computer from spyware, but not everyone is aware of the safe browsers, and if you use Internet Explorer without spyware blocking utilities, you're very vulnerable to intrusion.

Spybot - Search & Destroy is simple to use.  Run the program from its icon installed on your desktop, and you'll see a menu of things to do.  Just click on Check for Problems and the search begins.  This can take several minutes depending on what it finds in your computer.  As it finds the spyware, each is listed in the problem box on your screen.  Once completed, it lists the number of problems found and you'll have a chance to delete them. Click on "Fix selected problems" and you're on your way to a squeaky clean computer.  Also, in the process, Spybot - Search & Destroy will create a system restore point (very good feature).

You also have the option to recover the files you deleted, immunize your computer from the common spyware and update the spyware database.  One more button is very important, called Donations, because even though this is freeware, a very smart programmer is responsible for this clever design, and deserves to be compensated for his outstanding work.

This is a great program for anyone on the Internet, and it's a must to keep your computer safe.  I highly recommended it to everyone.

Howard Berenbon

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Safe Networking Limited
46 Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin 2
URL: spybot.info/en/home/index.html