April 2006

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By Howard Berenbon

Wildform just introduced a new Flash (swf) animation program for designing flash presentations called WildPresenter. It includes 8 flash tools to assist you in designing that perfect presentation, or use it to design animated banners in Flash. It includes a screen recorder, a PowerPoint to flash converter, video and audio converter, a timeline editor, a drawing and flowchart program, a video and audio capture tool, a text animation generator and an animation and transition generator. The program also includes dozens of pre-designed text animation effects you can use in your presentations.

After a quick download and installation, you'll be designing those perfect Flash presentations in no time. The program includes and extensive help feature, or you can get support from the Wildform.com Website. And if you'd like to add some impressive text effects to your presentation, the text animation generator will assist you with lots of great effects you can easily add.

On program startup, a menu is displayed with several project options. You can open a new project or an existing project. You can also access the project wizards to will help you quickly create a new project, record screen activity and capture video and audio, import image and audio files and create text effects. You'll start a project by selecting the size, and then add text, sound and graphics to create your presentation or banner. When you're done creating, you can export the project as a usable Flash file with an swf extension. They also include the Wildform Player so you can test your new Flash animations.

If you design Websites for fun, or profit, or need a great program to make those perfect presentations for work, or school, then you can’t go wrong with WildPresenter. It on sale for $299.

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