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February - March 2022

Adobe Creative Cloud Software: Creating 2D Cartoon Characters and Animation the Easy Way

by Howard Berenbon

I just subscribed to some incredible graphic design software, the newest that is, from Adobe, Inc. It's the Creative Cloud subscription version of all their design programs including the very famous and industry standard, Adobe Photoshop for designing the best images and more. Their programs include Adobe Illustrator (for the graphic artist), Indesign (for typesetting documents), Acrobat (the PDF suite), Dreamweaver (an incredible Web design application), Audition (for audio correction and manipulation), Premiere Pro (their video editor program), After Effects (for audio and video effects) and many more. Subscription for all the applications is $53 a month, and well worth it for the professional. However, if you're a student, you can subscribe for less.

In 2010 through 2013, I reviewed all Adobe's programs in their Master Collection, and today, they've improved their suite of programs and added many more. The one I'm most excited about, at this moment, is their incredible Character Animator that allows, even the inexperienced designer to create amazing 2D animations. If you're experienced, you'll jump right in and design your own characters, called "puppets" and create cartoons, animated presentations, or a number of business related videos for you or your clients. You can even stream live on the Internet with your creations. Below are a few examples I've managed to crank out using some pre-designed cartoon templates from Adobe, and many from their talented software engineer, Dave Werner. Dave has hundreds of easy-to-understand tutorials on Youtube that anyone can use to learn Character Animator. And with his tutorials and templates, you can easily program your own creative designs, some in just 15 or 20 minutes. I signed up for Creative Cloud three weeks ago, and I was able to create some neat animations one day after the installation. Below are the examples, and more to come:




Casinos in Space

One last note: I'm using Character Animator to narrate my science fiction novel, Casinos in Space, I published on Amazon a few years ago. I use Microsoft One Note to convert the text, from each chapter, to audio, and then I upload it on Youtube with the narration using one of the puppets. Here's my latest:


For more information, and a free trial of Adobe Creative Cloud visit:

Download Character Animator: Get free puppets: (official adobe puppets) /

Don't forget to check out some of the creative templates, and Dave Werner's neat creations. And Dave is availble for help if you need it. (okay samurai puppet pack)

Don't forget to check out some of the creative templates, and Dave Werner's neat creations. And Dave is availble for help if you need it. (okay samurai puppet pack)



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