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January - February 2022

Confronting the Scammers: Medicare Fraud

by Howard Berenbon

First some important space news

The James Webb Space Telescope is just about at its million mile mark (Jan 14, 2022), and the mirrors and heat shield have been successfuly deployed. Expect some amazing scientific data analysis to the end of the known universe to start around June of this year. Here's a link to NASA:

Medical Equipment Scammer Call

I talked to a Medicare phone scammer and asked if I could buy some gummies with the fake $178 debit card from the government, and decided that I wanted a flying wheel chair. Check out my funny response to his questions, and that I wanted a flying wheel chair. I include some need background videos for your enjoyment. My main point was that if I needed equipment, my doctor would write the script, and no company, legitimite or not, would be calling me. I kept the converstation going, and wasted at least 13 minutes of his time. Before of my age, I get daily calls. Sometimes I call them out as scammers, but they will usually hang up when that happens. This time, I didn't get a chance, and they hung up. They figured I was stringing them on.

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William Shatner/Captain Kirk Blasts into Space with Amazon's Blue Origin - Episode 8

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