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May 2021

May 2021 Reviews

Maono AU-A04 Studio USB Streaming Microphone Kit with Boom Arm

I am testing a few different inexpensive quality streaming/podcasting/gaming/singing microphones and tested the Maono AU-A04 kit. I really liked the boom arm and mount. The microphone had a solid feel, made of metal, and seemed well designed. Testing seemed to work well at around six inches from the mic. But, varying the distances, it didn't sound as good at 4", so I'd suggest for best results don't get closer than 6" when streaming or singing. However, I found the sound had more bass than I liked, with very little treble. I guess you could put the audio through Audacity or Adobe Audition to add little crispness to your voice. But, when going live, you'll need some type of mixer/equalizer device, and they're available at Amazon starting around $25.

The AU-A04 goes for around $50 on Amazon, which is a great value for what you get. If I had to choose between this model or a more expensive model like the AU-PM422, I'd go with the PM422 because it has a volume/gain control on the mic and a headphone jack. I did not test the AU-A04 for recording music, but it does have the frequency response to work well for music. Some of the USB studio microphone kits include a desktop microphone tripod along with the boom arm. They're about $10 more if you need to switch between desktop stand and boom arm.

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