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June 2021

K669 FiFine Studio Quality USB Microphone Review

by Howard Berenbon


I have been testing a few different low cost studio microphones, and decided to buy this FiFine K669L, which is mainly for desktop use with a small tripod mount. It was just $30, and has a volume/gain control on the front of the microphone, which is a nice feature for getting the right sound for your audio or video recordings. Yes, it is possible to plug this USB microphone into your Android or iPhone for recording videos. You just need a USB 3.1 type C to USB type A female cable adapter, which I just purchased on eBay for around $2 with free shipping. For your information, I have not yet tested this microphone on my iPhone, but that will be in a future article.

Back to the FiFine microphone. I was impressed at its performance. I tested the microphone at 10%, 20% and 50% gain at various distances, and it sounded great. For podcasting or streaming, I plan to use it on the desk at about 10 inches, and at 20% gain it worked well for me. One slight negative, was that it did not include one of those black foam wind filters, which is included with many of the studio mics.

For the video unboxing and microphone testing, click the link below to visit my Youtube channel.

Click for the K669 FiFine Mic Review



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