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May 2022

Wacom Intuos Medium Graphics Tablet Model CTL6100WLK0 for Artists & Creators, Just $172 on Amazon.

by Howard Berenbon

After purchasing and reviewing the small Wacom CT4100 tablet a last month with some problems, I decided to try the medium tablet with Bluetooth, the Intuos model CTL6100WLK0, and this time, no problems. The pen problem I had with the smaller unit didn't surface, and I was able to use the tablet right out of the box. The driver installed with the small Intuos was still in my PC, and it worked. The price was right at around $172, and delivery was fast. Though the medium tablet was more than twice the cost of the smaller device, the larger surface area is worth the difference, especially if you're using it for graphics design work. Also, the wireless feature using Bluetooth is also worth the price difference. I added an inexpensive Bluetooth dongle to my desktop, and it worked great.

But, if you want a graphics tablet for fun and learning, the smaller device is adequate. The Wacom does include some free graphics design software, but as others have commented, they are limited use, and eventually you'll need to upgrade for a price. As I mentioned, the pen worked perfectly, and I was able to hover and touch the pen point on the tablet without writing. Then, with a little pressure, the ink flowed. I am using the tablet to create frame animation with an app called EBSynth, and needed to outline the art to create a cartoon type animation. You can use a mouse to draw, but a pen makes it a lot easier. I still think Wacom needs to include more detailed documentation, but if you play with the tablet for a while, you should get the hang of it.

Here's an example of frame animation from a regular video using a free program called EBSynth. To create the animation, you import your (short) video into a video editor like Adobe Premiere Pro, and then save the video into PNG frames. Next, you load one image into a photo program like Photoshop, and use the Wacom tablet to create a cartoon from the image. EBSynth instructions recommend to outline the main subject of one frame, and flatten the image. I used the water color filter to remove the details, and you added a green screen background. Then you use EBSynth to render the images into a cartoon-like video. Is this video cool, or what? HB.

Casinos in Space

I'm using Character Animator to narrate my science fiction novel, Casinos in Space, I published on Amazon a few years ago. I use Microsoft One Note to convert the text, from each chapter, to audio, and then I upload it on Youtube with the narration using one of the puppets. Here's my latest:


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Don't forget to check out some of the creative templates, and Dave Werner's neat creations. And Dave is availble for help if you need it. (okay samurai puppet pack)


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