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How to Fix a Scratched LCD Monitor

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How to Remove Scratches from your LCD Monitor Screen

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I accidentally scratched my LCD Monitor when I was replacing a CD/DVD drive in my desktop computer.  I removed the cover to access the drive, but left the tower standing vertically while installing a new CD/DVD drive.  I had finished connecting the power when the tower fell over on its side and as it fell, the edge of the case gouged a very visible 10 inch diagonal line from the top of the monitor to the bottom, with some spots light and others darker—which were deeper.  I was quite upset because it was a nice 20” Samsung monitor, that was still working well, except now it had this deep visible gash and it was not acceptable.

I immediately did a Google search for a fix, and found several different repair kits with various methods, and prices, most using some type of chemical on the screen for resurfacing.  I was frustrated that I just ruined a very good monitor out of carelessness, and decided it would be easier to buy a new one instead of trying to fix the damage, and with todays prices. That turned out to be the best solution. 


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