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Below you'll find links to all of our educational software reviews and business software reviews archived from 1995. Over the years, we've covered some of the best products from Davidson, Knowledge Adventure, Vivendi, Microsoft, Adobe, Macromedia, Intuit and many more. Not all software companies were large corporations, but some were small companies offering excellent programs. A few of the companies are out of business now, and the links don't work, and some have changed their names, but all the reviews are still available in their original form.

March to April 2024 - - TurboTax Home & Business for the Year 2023
August to November 2023 - - Be Aware of the New FAA Drone UAS Regulations
June to July 2023 - - Using Your Drone to Create 3D Models with Meshroom and Blender
April to May 2023 - - TurboTax Home & Business Year 2022 Review
Mar - Apr 2023 - - How to Create an Audio Book from Your Text Novel, the Easy Way
Jan - Feb 2023 - - QuickScore Elite Level II, Music Notation Software, Version 0.1.12
Nov - Dec 2022 - - Casinos in Space, a free SciFi Audio Book and Youtube Shorts
June 2022 - - Casinos in Space Chapter 11: Captured. Animated Naration
May 2022 - - Wacom Intuos Medium Graphics Tablet Review
March-April 2022 - - TurboTax Home & Business for Year 2021
Feb-March 2022 -- Creative Cloud Software: Creating 2D Cartoon Characters and Animation the Easy Way
Jan-Feb 2022 -- Confronting the Scammers & James Webb Space Telescope News
Sept-Dec 2021 -- Captain Kirk Rides on Blue Origin and More Pentagon UFO/UAP Facts
July/August 2021 -- Pentagon UFO/UAP Report Now Mainstream
June 2021 -- FiFine K669 Studio Quality USB Microphone Review
May 2021 -- Maono Podcast Streaming Studio Microphone Review
March, April 2021 -- TurboTax Home and Business 2020 and 3 Legged Bendable Tripod for Your Youtube Channel
January - February 2021-- Mars Exploration, Puppet Parodies, Studying Java Language
September 2019--Study Java Programming and Make a Mint!
August 2019
Youtubers Get a Break on Music Copyright Claims
July 2019--Tips to Get and Keep Your Youtube Subscribers
June 2019--It's Easy to Update Your Amazon/Kindle eBook
May 2019--Inexpensive Lapel Microphone for Blogging
April 2019--TurboTax Home & Business Year 2018
March 2019--Webmaster: Fix that New Not Secure Website Notification
January/February 2019
--Getting Youtube Subscribers from Other Platforms
October 2018--How to Stream Live on Youtube: Fast & Easy
September 2018--Keyword Search Tools Can Help Your Youtube Channel Grow
August 2018--15+ Tips to Help Your Youtube Channel Rock!
June 2018--Fortnite Battle Royale: A Free HD Game from Epic Games
May 2018--Get a WiFi Thermostat. They're Cool!
April 2018--Protect Your Internet Privacy with and It's Tax Time
February 2018--Publish on Amazon: It's Free and Easy
October 2017--16MP Sports Action Camera with WiFi & Wireless Remote Control
September 2017--Some Great Free Photo and Video Resources on the Web
April 2017--TurboTax Home and Business 2016 from Intuit is Just Amazing!
March 2017--How to Attract New Youtube Subscribers to Your Channel
February 2017--Playing Minecraft Windows 10 Beta
January 2017-- Drone Ban in West Bloomfield, Michigan Parks
October 2016--The Amazing DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter!
September 2016--QuickScore Elite Level II 2015 Music Composition Program
August 2016--Some of the Latest Popular Mobile Apps
July 2016--Sports Action Camera: 5 to 12MP
June 2016--Selfie Stick with Bluetooth Controls
May 2016--The DZ09 Blue Tooth Smart Watch & Phone
April 2016--TurboTax Home and Business 2015 from Intuit, a Time Saver, and a Giwox Endoscope/Borescope 0.3MP 720P Camera
February 2016--SUPERAntiSpyware to the Rescue from
January 2016--Installing and Testing Your Car Rear View Backup Camera
December 2015--Add a Car Rear View Backup Camera for Driving Safety
November 2015--Newest DJI Phantom 3 Quad Copter Drones and Legal Issues
October 2015--Android Studio for Developing Apps in the Java Programming Language
September 2015--Two Must-Have QuickBooks Pro Utilities
August 2015--BoreScope: A  mini camera on a cable for home inspection and much more
July 2015--That Amazing Twitter: Your Personal Consumer Advocate
June 2015--Is it Time to Buy Your Apple Smart Watch?
May 2015
--Game of Drones: Laws, Legal Issues and What to Buy
April 2015--TurboTax® Personal & Small Business 2014 Federal & State Returns plus Federal E-File
March 2015--Vipre® Internet Security 2015 from ThreatTrack Security
February 2015--Presence: A Fee Free Home Security System with Video Monitoring from People Power
January 2015--The Incredible Foldscope(TM)--an Orgami-based Optical Microscope from Prakash Lab, Stanford University
December 2014---The Best Paranormal Apps for Your Apple or Android Device
November 2014--Royalty Free Stock Photos and Images from US Government Sources
October 2014--Best Free Streaming Music/Audio/Video Apps for iPhone and Android Devices
September 2014--Some of the Latest and Greatest iPad/iPhone/Android/iPod Touch Apps
August 2014--Turn Your Apple iPod, iPad or Android Tablet into a VOI Phone using a magicJack
July 2014--FreeCAD Computer Aided Design and Find and Remove Public Information Online
June 2014--The Roku 3500R Streaming Stick
May 2014--Streaming TV and a Roku 3 for Your Video Entertainment
April 2014--TurboTax® 2013 Home and Business
March 2014--Vipre® Internet Security in 2014 from ThreatTrack Security
February 2014--Neat and New Technology in 2014
January 2014--The Versatile iPod Touch 5th Generation
December 2013--10 Easy Steps to Search Engine Optimization
November 2013--Visit for Expert Help with your Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Mac and Android Devices
October 2013--Nintendo Wii U the Next Generation Game Machine
September 2013--Adobe® Speedgrade CS6, Adobe® Prelude CS6, Adobe® Encore CS6 and Adobe® Media Encoder CS6
August 2013--Adobe® After Effects® CS6 & Adobe Audition CS6
July 2013--Adobe® Flash Professional CS6 & GroupMail Business Edition v5.3.137
June 2013--Adobe® Premiere Pro CS6
May 2013--Adobe® InDesign CS6 Desktop Publishing Program
April 2013--Adobe® Fireworks® CS6 and TurboTax® Home & Business 2012
March 2013--Adobe® Dreamweaver CS6 and Vipre® Internet Security 2013
February 2013--Adobe® Illustrator CS6
January 2013--What’s the Greatest Thing About the New Mac Mini?
December 2012--The New Mac Mini 2012 from Apple Computer
November 2012--Adobe® Photoshop® CS6 Extended
October 2012 --Adobe® Master Collection 6
August/Sept 2012 --Affiliate Marketing Can Make You Money
July 2012 --GroupMail Business Edition V5.3.0.119 from Infacta Ltd
June 2012 --QuickScore Elite Level II 2012 from Sion Software
May 2012 --So, You Say You Want to Develop Mobile Apps?
April 2012 --Two Free PC Anti-Virus Anti-Spyware Programs Worth Mentioning
March 2012 --TurboTax 2011 Home & Business & VIPRE® Antivirus Premium 2012
February 2012 --Adobe® Flash Catalyst CS5.5 and the The New WritePro® Update
January 2012 --The New WritePro® and Adobe® Audition CS5.5
December 2011 --Adobe ® Flash Professional CS5.5
November 2011 --Adobe ® After Effects® CS5.5
October 2011 --Adobe ® Premiere Pro CS5.5
September 2011 --GroupMail Business Editon V5.2.089 from Infacta Ltd
August 2011 --Adobe® Dreamweaver CS5.5 Website Design Program
July 2011 --Adobe® InDesign CS5.5 Desktop Publishing Program
June 2011 --Linklok Script, Adobe® Acrobat® X Suite and LCD Scratch Repair
May 2011 --QuickBooks Pro 2011 from Intuit Inc.
April 2011
--QuickScore Elite Level II 2011 from Sion Software
March 2011 --TurboTax 2010 Home & Business from Intuit Inc.
February 2011 --VIPRE® Antivirus Premium from Sunbelt Software
January 2011 --Adobe® Contribute CS5, Adobe® Soundbooth CS5 & After Effects CS5
December 2010 --Adobe® Premiere Pro CS5 and CS Live Services
November 2010 --Adobe® Illustrator CS5 and Adobe Flash Professional CS5
October 2010 --Adobe® Fireworks CS5
September 2010
--Adobe® Dreamweaver CS5 and Microsoft Office 2010
August 2010 --Adobe® Photoshop CS5 Extended, Adobe InDesign CS5 and Adobe InCopy CS5
July 2010 --eMedia Piano & Keyboard Method Version 3.0
June 2010--Adobe® Creative Suite 5 Master Collection
May 2010--GroupMail V5.2.0.082 from Infacta Ltd
April 2010--Photoshop CS4 for Dummies By Peter Bauer
March 2010--TurboTax 2009 Home & Business from Intuit Inc.
February 2010--QuickScore Elite Level II 2010 from Sion Software
January 2010--Some Great Free Website Design Resources
December 2009--EarMaster Essential 5 from eMedia Music Corporation & Windows 7 affiliate
November 2009--Kaplan SAT® Premier Live Online 2010 Edition
October 2009--Algodoo, a Physical Science Simulator Game
September 2009 -Piano Scores Unlimited from IPE Music and eMedia Music Corporation
August 2009 - Dreamweaver CS4 for Dummies by Janine Warner
July 2009
- Microsoft Office 2007
June 2009 - -Adobe Contribute CS4, Adobe Soundbooth CS4 & After Effects CS
May 2009 --Adobe Premiere Pro CS4, Adobe OnLocation CS4 and Adobe Encore CS4 plus My Electric Guitar and My Violin from eMedia
April 2009 -- Rosetta Stone Version 3: Spanish (Latin America) Level 1, 2 & 3, Set, Adobe Illustrator CS4 and Adobe Flash CS4 Professional from Adobe Systems Inc.
March 2009 -- TurboTax 2008 Home & Business from Intuit Inc, Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 and Adobe Fireworks CS4 from Adobe Systems Inc.
February 2009 -- Adobe Photoshop CS4, Adobe InDesign CS4 Desktop Publishing Program & EarMaster Pro 5 from eMedia
January 2009
-- QuickBooks Professional 2009 from Intuit & Adobe Creative Suite 4 Master Collection
December 2008 -- Turn to Dreamweaver & Photoshop Design Tutorials for Expert Help
November 2008 -- QuickScore Elite Level II from Sion Software
October 2008--Rosetta Stone Personal Edition French Level 1, 2 & 3 CD-ROM Set
September 2008--VIPRE Antivirus+ Antispyware from Sunbelt Software
August 2008
--eMedia’s Piano and Keyboard Method V2.0 and Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro
July 2008--Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Beta from Adobe Systems Incorporated
June 2008--Rosetta Stone Japanese Level 1, 2 & 3 and My Piano from eMedia
May 2008--Rosetta Stone Personal Edition Hebrew Level 1, 2 & 3 CD-ROM Set
April 2008--QuickBooks Pro 2008 from Intuit Inc.
March 2008--TurboTax Deluxe for Tax Year 2007 from Intuit Inc.
February 2008--Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended and My Guitar from eMedia
January 2008--English-Hebrew Language Learning Software from LingvoSoft
December 2007--CounterSpy Anti-Spyware and Edventure Maze
November 2007--Anti Spyware Software: You've Got to Have It
October 2007--The Incredible Wii Game Machine from Nintendo
September 2007--KoolMoves Update to a Cool Tool for Flash Development from Lucky Monkey Designs LLC
August 2007--A Neat Free Network Monitor from and NirSoft
July 2007--Freeware Utilities for Your Flash Drive from®.
June 2007--QuickBooks Pro 2007 from Intuit Inc.
May 2007--Flash Drives: You Got to Get One!
April 2007--WildPresenter Pro 3.1
March 2007--TurboTax Deluxe for Tax Year 2006 from Intuit Inc.
February 2007--Microsoft’s Vista Has Arrived
January 2007--AddWeb Website Promoter Professional Edition from Cyberspace Headquarters
December 2006--Dance Dance Revolution SuperNova for the Sony PlayStation 2 from Konami
November 2006--GroupMail 5.1 from Infacta Ltd
October 2006--WildPresenter Lite Flash Design Tool
September 2006--Macromedia Studio 8 from Adobe Systems, Inc.
August 2006--Some Totally Free Website Design Templates on the Net
July 2006--OpenOffice: the Free Alternative to Commercial Office Suites
June 2006--Freeware at a Great Price: Free from SnapFiles®.com
May 2006--Just Under Two-Dozen Low Cost Flash Animation Tools
April 2006--WildPresenter
March 2006--TurboTax Deluxe for Tax Year 2005 from Intuit Inc.
February 2006--It's Income Tax Time Again
January 2006--New Software for the New Year
December 2005--The Sims Series from Electronic Arts
November 2005--Adobe InDesign for Desktop Publishing
October 2005--DreamWorks Madagascar and Kidview Computer Explorer: Kid-Easy Operating System
September 2005--Charles W. Morgan Voyages of the Past, Present & Future from Mystic Seaport
August 2005--GroupMail 5 from Infacta Ltd.
July 2005--TeLL me More Premium Collection, for Learning German, Dutch, Spanish, English, French, Italian, Arabic, Chinese and Japanese
June 2005--3D Vision System from eDimensional, Inc.
May 2005--Microsoft FrontPage 2003: The Microsoft Office Web Site Creation and Management Solution
April 2005--Spybot - Search & Destroy from Safe Networking Limited
March 2005--TurboTax Deluxe from Intuit Inc.
February 2005--NAMCO Plug it in & Play TV Games Featuring PAC-MAN
January 2005--SmartDraw 7 a Professional Charting Program from
December 2004--AddWeb Website Promoter 7.0 from Cyberspace Headquarters, LLC and Lemony Snicket's: A Series of Unfortunate Events Game from AcTiVision
November 2004--DreamWorks Shark Tale from AcTiVision and Macromedia Contribute 3
October 2004--Barbie Princess and the Pauper from Vivendi Universal Games for the PC and the Nintendo Game Boy Advance
September 2004--Barbie Fashion Show from Vivendi Universal Games and Wild FX Pro Video Titling and Text Animation Software
August 2004--The Hobbit, The Prelude to The Lord of the Rings from Vivendi Universal and Sierra Entertainment, Flix Pro 4.0 and The Frogs, The Musical on Broadway with Nathan Lane
July 2004--Shrek 2 The Adventure Continues from AcTiVision, Didi and Ditto Kindergarten from Kutoka Kids and Mondo E-Journal Software from My World Software, Inc.
June 2004--Music Ace Deluxe by Harmonic Vision, JumpStart Advanced Toddlers by Vivendi Universal and a critique of the Mozilla Firefox Browser
May 2004--QuickBooks Premier - Professional Services Edition 2004 from Intuit Inc. and Imaginext Pirate Raider from Fisher-Price and Vivendi Universal Games
April 2004--Pianomouse Goes to Preschool from Pianomouse Productions, Inc., Barbie Mermaid Adventure and Barbie Swan Lake The Enchanted Forest from Mattel, Inc. and Vivendi Universal Games
March 2004--The Lord of the Rings: War of the Ring Game from Vivendi Universal and Sierra Entertainment, TurboTax Deluxe 2003 from Intuit Inc.
February 2004--Macromedia Studio MX 2004 from Macromedia, Inc. and Hallmark Card Studio 2004 Deluxe from Vivendi Universal and Sierra Entertainment
January 2004--Dr. Seuss’ The Cat in the Hat and Barbie Beauty Boutique from Vivendi Universal Games
December 2003--JumpStart Study Helpers: Math Booster and Spelling Bee from Vivendi Universal Games
November 2003--Disney Learning Toddler from Disney Interactive and Imaginext Battle Castle from Fisher-Price and Vivendi Universal
October 2003--Disney Learning 1st and 2nd Grade from Disney Interactive, Barbie Horse Adventures Mystery Ride and Barbie Horse Adventures Blue Ribbon Race from Vivendi Universal
September 2003--Rescue Heroes Mission Select from Fisher-Price and Vivendi Universal and FrontLook Effects for Microsoft FrontPage from DPA Software
August 2003--FrontLook Chameleon for FrontLook Super Theme Designer Packages from DPA Software, Flashation Flash Menu Builder from and JumpStart Advanced 3rd Grade from Knowledge Adventure
July 2003--FrontLook Super Theme Designer Packages for Microsoft FrontPage from DPA Software and JumpStart Advanced 2nd Grade from Knowledge Adventure
June 2003--AddWeb Website Promoter Version 6.0 from Cyberspace Headquarters, LLC  and Enclave from Vivendi Universal and Black Label Games
May 2003--JumpStart Advanced 1st Grade from Knowledge Adventure
April 2003--Zoombinis Island Odyssey from The Learning Company and Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis from Vivendi Universal Games, Inc.
March 2003--The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring Game from Vivendi Universal Games, TurboTax Deluxe from Intuit and Smart Tools for QuickBooks Pro from Ballantine & Company
February 2003--A Few Cool Flash Tools for Your Web Pages, Liberty’s Kids from the Learning Company and JumpStart Advanced Preschool from Knowledge Adventure
January 2003--The Powerpuff Girls: Mojo Jojo’s Clone Zone from The Learning and Curious George Reading and Phonics from Knowledge Adventure
December 2002--Butt-Ugly Martians: B.K.M. Battles from Vivendi Universal Games for the Game Boy Advance, What’s Her Face! Create the Ultimate TV Adventure from Mattel and Vivendi Universal Games, Quicken 2003 Premier and QuickBooks Pro 2002 from Intuit Inc.
November 2002--Little People Discovery Airport from Fisher-Price and Knowledge Adventure and Butt-Ugly Martians: Martian Boot Camp from Knowledge Adventure
October 2002--JumpStart Advanced Kindergarten from Knowledge Adventure
September 2002--Rescue Heroes Tremor Trouble from Fisher-Price and Knowledge Adventure
August 2002--Microsoft FrontPage 2002: The Microsoft Office Web Site Creation and Management Solution & Complete Legal Collection 2002 from Broderbund
July 2002--Curious George Downtown Adventure from Knowledge Adventure
June 2002--JumpStart Animal Adventures from Knowledge Adventure
May 2002--Scooby-Doo: Phantom of the Knight from The Learning Company
April 2002--Scooby-Doo: Showdown in Ghost Town from The Learning Company
March 2002--Scooby-Doo! Jinx at the Sphinx from The Learning Company
February 2002--Newton's Quest 6th Grade from Knowledge Adventure
January 2002--Barbie Secret Agent from Vivendi Universal Interactive Publishing
December 2001--JumpStart Spy Masters: Unmask the Prankster from Knowledge Adventure and Art Explosion 600,000 Images from Nova Development
November 2001--JumpStart Languages from Knowledge Adventure
October 2001--Math Blaster: Cross Terrain Challenge from Knowledge Adventure and Visual Basic 6.0 Professional Edition from Microsoft
September 2001--Jurassic Park III: Dino Defender from Knowledge Adventure
August 2001--JumpStart Explorers from Knowledge Adventure and AddWeb Website Promoter Verson 4.0 from CyberspaceHQ, LLC
July 2001--Olympus D-490 Zoom Digital Camera
June 2001--QuickBooks Pro 2001 from Intuit Inc.
May 2001--Reading Blaster Ages 7 - 8 from Knowledge Adventure and Quicken 2001 Home & Business from Intuit Inc.
April 2001--ClueFinders Search & Solve Adventures from The Learning Company and Microsoft Office 2000 Professional
March 2001--Code Head: X-Treme Culture from Knowledge Adventure and Disney's Dinosaur Activity Center from Disney Interactive
February 2001--Arthur's Camping Adventure from The Learning Company and Dear America: Friend to Friend from Scholastic and Knowledge Adventure
January 2001--Adiboo discover Music, Melody & Rhyme and JumpStart Artist from Knowledge Adventure plus VirusScan 5.15 from McAfee Software
December 2000--Get Ready for the All New Adiboo Series from Knowledge Adventure
November 2000--Math Blaster Ages 8-9 from Knowledge Adventure
Sept-Oct 2000--PokéROM Gotta LEARN 'em all! from The Learning Company and Mattel Interactive and Play With The Teletubbies for the PlayStation from Knowledge Adventure
August 2000--Who Wants to Be a Millionaire 2nd Edition from Buena Vista Interactive and Compton’s Learning Astronomy from The Learning Company
July 2000--The New Price of Educational Software and Excel@ Middle School from Knowledge Adventure
June 2000--Bear in the Big Blue House: Bear's Imagine That! and Captain Kangaroo Life's First Lessons from Knowledge Adventure
May 2000--Dr. Brain Action Reaction from Knowledge Adventure and Smart-Start Spanish Deluxe from Syracuse Language and Knowledge Adventure
April 2000--Math Blaster for 1st Grade and JumpStart Adventures 6th Grade from Knowledge Adventure, Media Magnet 2 from WebGrip, Inc. and Aureate Bulk Mail from Aureate Media Corp.
March 2000--Voice Chat from, Trans-Con! from Lionel Trains and Knowledge Adventure, JumpStart Math for Kindergartners and JumpStart Adventures 4th Grade from Knowledge Adventure
February 2000--Pokémon Project Studio Red Version from The Learning Company, JumpStart Baby with Baby Ball Peripheral and JumpStart Phonics Learning System from Knowledge Adventure
January 2000--JumpStart Toddlers 2000, Bear in the Big Blue House: Bear's Sense of Adventure, Teletubbies 2: Favorite Games from Knowledge Adventure. Web Affiliate Business Programs: Simple Replicator and Simple Affiliate and more Web Submission Tools
December 1999--Reading Blaster Vocabulary from Knowledge Adventure, Noddy Playtime in Toyland from the BBC and Knowledge Adventure, Madeline 1st and 2nd Grade Math from The Learning Company, Rugrats Mystery Adventures from Mattel Media and SubmitWolf 4.0 Web Submission Software from Trellian Australia
November 1999--Reading Blaster for Kindergarten from Knowledge Adventure, JamC@m Digital Camera Version 2.0 from KB Gear Interactive, Disney/Pixar Print Studio, A Bug's Life from Disney Interactive, AddWeb Web Submission Software from Cyberspace Headquarters, LLC, NetObjects Fusion 4.0 Web Editor from NetObjects, Inc. and Nick-O-Matic Design Factory from Mattel
October 1999--Arthur's Reading from The Learning Company, Barbie Photo Designer Digital Camera & CD-ROM from Mattel Media and Disney/Pixar Active Play: A Bug's Life from Disney Interactive
September 1999--Disney/Pixar's A Bug's Life Action Game, JumpStart 1st Grade Version 2.0 and JumpStart Reading for Second Graders from Knowledge Adventure
July-August 1999--Disney's Tarzan Action Game, Disney's Tarzan Activity Center and Disney's Tarzan Print Studio
June 1999--SETI@home in the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence, Emergency Preps for the SAT/ACT from Kaplan and Knowledge Adventure and Fisher-Price My Very First Little People Play House from Knowledge Adventure
May 1999--Kids! Spanish from Syracuse Language, JumpStart Preschool from Knowledge Adventure and The Baby-sitters Club 4th Grade Learning Adventures from The Learning Company
April 1999--D.W. the Picky Eater and Rugrats Adventure Game from Broderbund Software and Fisher-Price Great Adventures Castle from Knowledge Adventure
March 1999--Kaplan's High School Success, Fisher-Price Time to Play Dollhouse and Time to Play Pet Shop from Knowledge Adventure and Schoolhouse Rock Thinking Games Deluxe from The Learning Company
February 1999--Kid Pilot and Go Fish! from Knowledge Adventure and Madeline Classroom Companion 1st & 2nd Grade Reading from The Learning Company
January 1999--JumpStart Learning Games: Music and Numbers from Knowledge Adventure and Sesame Street Search & Learn Adventures from The Learning Company
December 1998--Fisher-Price Big Action Garage and Big Action Construction from Knowledge Adventure plus The Magic School Bus Explores the Rainforest from Microsoft
November 1998--JumpStart Baby and Writing Blaster from Knowledge Adventure, Madeline Rainy Day Activities from The Learning Company and McAfee VirusScan 4.0 from Network Associates
October 1998--The Magic School Bus Explores in the Age of Dinosaurs from Microsoft, French and Spanish for the Real World from Knowledge Adventure and SETI@home in the Search for Extra-Terrestrials
September 1998--Madeline Thinking Games from The Learning Company and Fisher-Price Ready for School - Kindergarten from Knowledge Adventure
July-August 1998--Quest for Camelot Dragon Games, JumpStart Kindergarten Version 2.1, IBM's ViaVoice Gold Continuous Speech Recognition and Snappy Video Snapshot Deluxe Version 3.0
June 1998--Videoconferencing on Mt. Everest, JumpStart Adventures 5th Grade and Animaniacs Game Pack!
May 1998--AAA Map'n' Go 4.0 from DeLorme and Ultimate Speed Reader from Davidson
April 1998--New Math Blaster and Reading Blaster Series from Davidson & Associates
March 1998--Superman Activity Center and JumpStart Adventures 4th Grade from Knowledge Adventure
February 1998--Fisher-Price Little People Discovery Farm, JumpStart 1st Grade Math and JumpStart 2nd Grade Math from Knowledge Adventure
January 1998--Fisher-Price Great Adventures - Wild Western Town from Davidson, Fairy Tale: A True Story Activity Center and JumpStart Spanish from Knowledge Adventure
December 1997--Fisher-Price Ready for School - 1st Grade, POWERFINDER PRO by PhoneDisc and PrintPaks Update
November 1997--JumpStart Typing from Knowledge Adventure and Adobe PageMaker 6.5
October 1997--Fisher-Price Ready for School: Toddler, JumpStart 1st Grade Reading, Super Jewelry Kit and The Lost World: Jurassic Park Iron-On Gear
September 1997--Bill Nye the Science Guy Educational Adventure and Snappy Video Snapshot
August 1997--VoiceType Simply Speaking from IBM and Math for the Real World from Davidson
July 1997--Super Iron-Ons Kit and Super Create-A-Book Kit on CD-ROM from PrintPaks, Inc.
May and June 1997 are not available
April 1997--Conferencing with VideoPhone Version 2.0 from Connectix
March 1997--Disney's The Lion King Activity Center and Norton AntiVirus Version 2.0
February 1997--Disney's Toy Story and Aladdin Activity Centers
January 1997--Great Adventures Pirate Ship, Kid Phonics 2 and a Hacker Alert
December 1996--Stay Tooned! A Zany CD Adventure, Street Atlas USA Version 4.0 and More Great Horse Racing Resources
November 1996--Michael Jackson's World Beer Hunter CD and Some Great Horse Racing Resources
October 1996--Kai's Power Goo, Encyclopedia of Science Fiction and SimuWeb and SimuNet
September 1996--Blaster and JumpStart Educational CDs plus VideoPhone and QuickCam from Connectix
August 1996--VideoShot Video Frame Grabber, FlexCam and Educational CDs
July 1996--Ten Steps to Buying Educational Software, a Computer Virus Story and More
June 1996--More Great Educational Software Titles and Internet Phone
May 1996--Some of the Latest and Greatest Educational Software Titles
April 1996--DeLorme Mapping Revisited, Spider HTML Editor, Myst and More
March 1996--Vistapro, a Step Toward Virtual Reality
February 1996--Delorme Mapping: Street Atlas USA 3.0
January 1996--80 Million Plus Phone Numbers on CD-ROM
December 1995--Shareware Handicapping Software

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